To start off Danforth’s 2016- 2017 Athletics,  the following sports teams are represented;  Junior and Senior Boys Soccer, Junior and Senior Boys Volleyball, Cross Country, Girls Varsity Basketball.  All our athletes proudly represent Danforth at their events with good sportsmanship and perseverance.  Our athletes train hard and perform with great effort.

Danforth athletic teams to look for in the future are:

Winter Season: Boys Junior and Senior Basketball, Girls Junior and Senior Volleyball, Boys Hockey, Boys Indoor Soccer, Swimming and Badminton.

Spring Season: Archery, Boys Baseball, Girls Softball, Girls Soccer, Track and Field, and Co-ed Volleyball.

Students should listen for announcements to know when the teams are starting up.

Danforth also has intramurals that occur at lunchtime, where any student can participate.  This fall we will have Basketball and Dodge Ball Intramurals; Badminton is ongoing.  Intramurals to come are: Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, and Indoor Soccer.

Concussion Awareness: please see the following document for concussion information.

Athlete: http://tdsbweb/webdocuments/SchoolServices/Health/docs/Guidelines%20for%20the%20Athlete.pdf

Parent: http://tdsbweb/webdocuments/SchoolServices/Health/docs/Guidelines%20for%20Parents.pdf