Post-Secondary Education – University

University Program Information

To: All Eligible University Bound Students
From: Ms. Maestri
Re: UNIVERSITY INFORMATION (for 2016 admission)

Welcome back to Danforth, for what may be your last year of high school.

As graduating students you can expect to experience an exciting but sometimes stressful year as you explore all the post-secondary options that lie before you.

To ease the anxiety and assist you with the many decisions that you will be making this year, the Student Services department has scheduled a series of events related to post- secondary studies.

These events will be communicated to you in various ways:
• posted on AW as announcements
• posted outside of guidance
• morning announcements (especially if changes)
• posted on
• classroom visits

We may need to communicate with you individually we may be sending you an email (
We look forward to working with you and wish you a successful gradating year.

1) Ontario Universities’ Fair

Friday, September 25 to Sunday September 27 (10:00-5:00)
Metro Convention Centre, South Building (222 Bremner Blvd.)

We recommend attending on Saturday or Sunday.

Another event is being held on October 17-18: Maclean’s Student Life Expo at Metro Convention Centre (free ticket from guidance).
2) Danforth CTI University Information Visits

University information visits are listed in your agendas.
A table with locations and up to date information is posted on AW.

NOTE: any changes made that are NOT reflected in the student agenda are highlighted in the AW announcements.

Also note that any university visit during class will have a sign up announcement posted on AW one week before.

University Information Sessions at DCTI – 2015

Date Day University Location Time
Monday, Sept. 28 2 U of Windsor B8 11:25-12:25
Tuesday, Sept. 29 1 Guelph @ Humber University B8 11:25-12:25
Thursday, Oct. 1 1 Ontario College of Arts & Design (OCAD) B8 12:00-12:45
Friday, Oct. 2 2 U of Toronto Auditorium 11:25-12:25
Monday, Oct. 5 1 Western U B8 11:25-12:25
Tuesday, Oct. 6 2 York University B8 11:25-12:25
Thursday, Oct. 8 2 University  of Ontario Institute of Technolgoy (UOIT) B8 12:00-12:45
Friday, Oct. 9 1 Ryerson U Auditorium 11:25-12:25
Friday, Oct. 16 1 Trent U B8 11:25-12:25
Monday, Oct. 19 2 Brock U B8 11:25-12:25
Friday, Oct.  23 2 Waterloo  U B8 11:25-12:25
Monday, Oct. 26 1 Wilfred Laurier U B8 11:25-12:25
Thursday, Oct. 29 2 McMaster U B8 12:00-12:45
Monday, Nov. 16 1 U of Guelph B8 11:25-12:25
Tuesday, Nov. 17 2 Carelton U B8 11:25-12:25
Friday, Nov. 20 1 Ottawa U B20 10:00-11:10 (sign up required)
Friday, Nov. 20 1 Queens U B8 11:25-12:25

Highlighted information is different from that published in student agenda.


3) University information (most up to date) (website used to apply to university)
• booklets from fair or information visits (guidance may have extra copies)
• university website

4) Applying outside of Ontario

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that application requirements are met.
Please inform your guidance counsellor if applying outside of Ontario.

The OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre) assists in transmitting marks to the following universities:

Acadia U, Bishop’s U, U of British Columbia, U of Calgary, Concordia U, Dalhousie U, McGill U, U of New Brunswick, Saint Mary’s U, Simon Fraser U and the U of Victoria

Students applying to universities not listed are responsible for submitting marks and any other required academic information.

5) Applying to American Universities

Application to most universities in the United States of America require your scores for either the Standard Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT).

For more information about these tests please see guidance.

6) University Application Seminar (period 2) – MANDATORY

• Instructions given on applying to university
• Distribution of PIN (Application Access Code Letter)
• Deadline to apply: January 13, 2016
• Application fee $150.00 (each additional choice $50.00)

7) Graduating

– 6 Grade 12 U/M courses are required to apply to university (must include ENG4U)
– OSSLT – Successful (if not should be enrolled in OLC course)
– 40 hours of community service

Students are responsible to ensure that they have met graduation and post secondary requirements.

Maintain Mark Date: April 25, 2016
You must drop a course before this date in order for it not to show up on your transcript.
8) Mark Submission

All marks get transmitted electronically by the TDSB. Individual students cannot select or submit marks to universities (unless outside of Ontario)

All marks count! First term marks count as do grade 11 marks for ONLY early offers.

Any credit taken outside of TDSB – you must bring in original final report card to your guidance counsellor.

9) Paying for post-secondary

Here are some options:
• Savings, RESP etc.
• Scholarships and Awards (be proactive)
OSAP – only apply once you have accepted an offer

10) Gap Year (taking a year off?)

Study and Go Abroad Fairs: Sunday, October 4 (1:00-5:00)

Go Global Expo: Saturday, September 19-20

11) Scholarship Information

Scholarship information will be posted on AW and on DCTI website.

Check out the following websites: (searchable scholarships by university)

Ask parents/guardians about scholarship opportunities through their workplace and or associations.

NOTE: if asking for reference letters, please give advance notice.


eINFO – The New Online Guide to Ontario Universities
All potential university applicants must use this guide to research and compare university programs in Ontario.

Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC)
This is the site from which students will complete their University applications from.

The Ontario College University Transfer Guide
This database contains information about transfer arrangements between the province’s Colleges and Universities.

This website outlines how Ontario students can pay for their education. Public colleges and universities also have assistance programs, scholarships, grants and bursaries.
A student can only apply to OSAP once they have accepted an offer and know the institution they will be attending.

Ontario University Websites