Danforth’s Library offers up-to-date resources within an historical setting featuring beautiful stained glass windows and memorial plaques dedicated to Danforth students and staff who served in World War II.

The Library is open for student use before and after school and during the lunch hour. Our on-line databases are available for home use, and everything other than reference material can be loaned to students throughout the school year.

Since Danforth offers an extensive range of courses, the library contains a variety of materials that support the curriculum and that also satisfy students’ personal interests and goals.

Students have access to the following resources:

  • Computers with internet access, online databases and e-books
  • General print encyclopaedias and specialized reference materials
  • Toronto Star, print and e-edition
  • Magazines
  • A collection that accommodates a wide range of reading levels and interests
  • Resources on career planning and preparation for post-secondary education

Students should come to the Library and get the usernames and passwords for our on-line databases from our Teacher–Librarians.

The URL for the Library Web Site is: