The English Department at DCTI is comprised of a dynamic team of English teachers who are enthusiastic about literature study, language learning and literacy.  The range of courses offered includes locally developed, applied and academic courses for all level of English students.

English Literacy Skills or ELS201 is a course which helps students prepare for the Grade 10 Literacy test.  Writer’s Craft or EWC40 is a course which taps into a learner’s creative eliciting a sense of freedom of thought and expression.  A Writer’s Festival at the end of the year is the culminating activity which brings poets, song writers and authors to a public sharing of their work.  English Media is a Grade 11 course which deals with technology, pertaining to film and study for writing workshops.


There are many after-school and lunch time opportunities for literacy remediation and OSSLT support.


Danforth Dialogues is a club that promotes creative writing and sharing of works by students at Danforth by partnering with Diaspora Dialogues an organization that brings professional writers to our school for writing workshops.

Literacy Remediation and OSSLT SupportThere are many after-school and lunch time opportunities for literacy remediation and OSSLT support.


Students are encouraged to broaden their vocabulary, to express themselves in a personal way, and to develop a broader understanding of French culture through many experiences here at Danforth. We offer courses from grades 9-12 at different levels of difficulty. For example, the Grade Nine French class is encouraged to write a travel brochure, make up questions for a poll and graph the results, solve a murder mystery, and write and perform dialogues. Grade 12 students will study works ranging from Cyrano de Bergerac to Moliere’s Malade Imaginaire, and will present various researched topics to the class through oral and written presentations. Many exciting field trips are organized that simulate authentic cultural experiences. This year there will be a trip to Rome, Italy taking place during the March Break.


The ESL program helps new Canadians to develop their English skills so that they can be successful when they are integrated into other subject areas. Students are encouraged to use their first language in the ESL classroom in order to improve their English skills.

We offer levels C, D, and E in ESL and help students to prepare for entering the workforce, community college or university. We also offer tutoring, special activities and field trip to enhance the learning experience and help students fulfill their academic goals.