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Announcements for Wednesday, March 15, 2015

This is a reminder to all students the only those students writing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) tomorrow are to be in the building for 8:45 a.m.  The students who are not writing and who are not here are to be working on Term 3 course work to get caught up.  Many thanks.  S. Bain

Champions of the Mind Announcement!  Use of alcohol can damage the brain and cause many other health problems.  Alcohol dependence often results in clinical depression and the rate of suicide among people who are dependent on alcohol is six times that of the general population.  T. Maestri

Track!  There will be a track and field practice after school today.  J. Vidovich

The final Literacy Test Takedown sessions will be happening today, after school, in Room B08.  Come for feedback, review and process before the OSSLT tomorrow!!  J. Vetsis

The Danforth Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee Club meets today at lunch in the North Gym.  Remember to bring water.  A. Charbonneau

A reminder for our very important meeting at lunch today for all the Champions of the Mind members, in Room A12.  J. Romani

Semi-formal ticket sales have been extended to this Friday!  So come in today or Friday at lunch to grab those last $30.00 tickets.  If you haven’t paid, make sure to bring in your money in exchange for a ticket!  You will not be permitted to attend without one!  I. Slywynska

Members of the Boys Hockey team are to meet with Mr. Vidovich at lunch today in the Phys Ed Office, Room Y02.  J. Vidovich


Announcements for Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Do you want to dance?  Or just have an excuse to dress up?  Semi-formal tickets are on sale again until Wednesday!  So go now to the Student Council Office, Room B05, to snatch up these last remaining tickets before someone else does!  If you pre-ordered but haven’t paid yet, make sure to get your $30.00 to Student Council ASAP!  Don’t miss out!  Remember tickets are limited!  I. Slywynska

Track!  All track athletes who want to be part of the shirt order need to see Mr. Vidovich ASAP to be fitted for a size.  J. Vidovich

Are you interested in taking an online course during the summer?  If so, come to Guidance to pick up registration information.  D. Levogiannis

This is a spring time reminder for Girls’ Softball!  If you are interested in the sound of the bat cracking the ball, a ball screaming into a glove and the thumping of base pads, then please come out to Room B37 this Friday at lunch.  A. Ravera

A reminder to all students writing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) tomorrow that the test begins at 8:45 a.m. sharp!  All other students are not to be in school and should be at home catching up on Term 3 work as report cards are due shortly!  S. Bain

There is a great summer volunteer opportunity at the Women’s College Hospital currently available.  Check out our bulletin board outside of Guidance Office for details on this and many other positions.  J. Romani

Are you interested in earning credits while gaining work experience this summer?  Come to the Guidance Office to pick up a Summer Co-op Application package.  J. Romani

The Danforth Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee Club meets tomorrow at lunch in the North Gym.  Remember to bring water.  A. Charbonneau

Attention Grade 11 and 12 students with an IEP!!  Are you interested in going to college or university and want to learn more about accommodations at the post-secondary level?  Come on a field trip to Ryerson University for a workshop on Post-secondary Transitions.  See Ms. Cotton in Room B67, the Special Education Office, ASAP to sign up!  J. Cotton

Badminton Club is cancelled today.  Sorry!  See you next week.  R. Tevlin

There will be practice judging sessions for the Science Fair finalists today at lunch and after school.  We could use a few more teachers to act as judges – please come by Room A76 and question our Science Wizards!!  R. Tevlin