Announcements for Tuesday, September 11, 2014

There will be an important meeting for members of the Future Aces Club on Thursday at lunch in Room B67 to prepare for the Spirit Assembly.  New members are always welcome.  J. Cotton

All students interested in participating in Intramural Touch Football, games will start next week on Day 1′s on the field at lunch.  T. Beardwood

Junior Boy’s Soccer tryouts continue today after school on the back field.            J. Vidovich

Yearbook is starting!  Join us on Wednesday at lunch in Studio A37!  Everyone is welcome!  M. Bryan

Announcements for Monday, September 15, 2014

Boy’s Tennis tryouts continue today after school at Riverdale Park.  Pick up forms at A73.  S. Holyer

Senior Boy’s Soccer practice today after school.  Junior Boy’s practice tomorrow after school.  Junior Boy’s please check the bulletin board outside of the Phys Ed Office for the new tryout roster.  J. Vidovich

Next Tuesday, September 23 is Photo Day.  Classes will be called down to the South Gym by home form.  S. Bain

To all Student Council Grade Rep candidates.  There is a short meeting immediately at the beginning of lunch in Miss Slywynska’s Room B56.                   I. Slywynska

Hello freaks, geeks and Cross-Country runners.  You first practice is today.  Come run, sweat and by merry.  See you at 3:30 p.m. in Room B08 dressed and ready to run with your permission forms.  Practices also run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  A. Lajeunesse

Landlocked Danforth CTI has a sailor!  On Saturda at the High School Invitational Sailing Regatta held at the Bronte Harbour Yacht Club, Noah Collinson emerged third in his class.  Going into his fourth race in first, a sloppy wind from the north proved his undoing but Noah was still able to hold on to a third place overall for Danforth.   Perhaps with a couple more sailors out there entering next year, we can wrestle the cup from the likes of Appleby College!         S. Bain

Badminton starts today!!  At lunch in the North Gym.  All skill levels are welcome.  It takes place today and every Day 1 – so come and play.  R. Tevlin

Announcements for Friday, September 12, 2014

A reminder that all boys interested in playing tennis this year should meet in the front foyer after school.  Bring your own racquet.  S. Holyer

Badminton Club starts Monday and takes place every Day 1 at lunch in the North Gym.  No tryouts!!  All skill levels welcome.  R. Tevlin

Junior Boy’s Soccer tryouts continue today after school.  All soccer players, junior and senior, should check the bulletin board at the Phys Ed Office, Room Y02 for next week’s practice schedule.  J. Vidovich

Today is the last day to submit Class Rep forms to Miss Slywynska in Room B56.  I. Slywynska

Today is the last day for clubs and teams to sign-up for the Spirit Assembly.  See Miss Slywynska in Room B56.  I. Slywynska